I tried to not fall in love with “From Paris With Love” but I did flirt a little.

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GCEF Report – 020510TPOD – From Paris With Love


“From Paris With Love” Travel Rating at a glance:  70%.  My Human Host thought he was being tricked in to seeing a “star vehicle” for the pilot John Travolta – but what we experienced was a stylish, fun, action-adventure movie that got a good pilot excited to blow stuff up.


 Where will you be traveling to on the super-spy/action-adventure voyage “From Paris With Love”?

There is a cross-over term in the Earth Movie lexicon that comes to mind after I traveled on the new voyage “From Paris With Love”.  Star Vehicle ironically enough means almost the same thing to the folks over at the Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies as it does on Earth.  When a GCEF affiliate speaks of a Star Vehicle they are referring to a specific pilot trained to fly to a specific region of space because of how adept and successful they have been in participating in similar journeys.  For your Human Host, if they have heard of the Earth Movie Industry term – Star Vehicle, it means that a favored actor is returning to a role that he is well regarded to be able to deliver a star performance in.

My Human Host is oblivious to the difference – but luckily he likes the star-pilot John Travolta when he is flying an action Character Vehicle close to a super-spy inhabited nova star system.   “Swordfish” and “Pulp Fiction” were both highly entertaining travel experiences and are much better than Travolta’s other designated Star Vehicle – the silly comedy.

There is a collection of galaxies near the center of the known universe that are known for planets with a heavy concentration of super-spies and ambitious espionage based action populations.  This galaxy was discovered early on as an exciting place to travel to via the Earth Movie conduit and in the current Theater Pod climate there are frequent excursions to this region.  Travel experiences to the Bourne Planets and the James Bond Multi-Universe have excellent followings and are usually a good pick for young, male Human Hosts.

“From Paris With Love” is not a genre defining Earth Movie and it certainly isn’t as thrilling as some of the other Earth Movie travel franchises, but my Human Host fits nicely in to the intended subconscious demographic for this Earth Movie.  There were a few bumpy spots along the way caused by the Story Engine but the action was fast and well paced.  Overall it became an entertaining voyage.

If you experienced the world of the recent voyage “Taken” and were impressed with the visuals on that journey, then you would be happy to know that the same Ship Captain was on the bridge of the Director’s Ship of this voyage.  Pierre Moral, who is part of the successful French independent Fleet Commander Luc Besson’s cadre of collaborators, was successful in portraying a flight filled with sardonic spy-wit, explosions and a chess playing newbie spy piloted by Jonathan Rhys Meyers who was in charge of keeping track of the body count.  The story engine was not revolutionary but for the audience of Human Hosts this Earth Movie seems to be trying to attract – a revolutionary story engine wasn’t all that necessary.  Just sit back, relax and let your Human Host enjoy the ride.

Take care and safe travels,

Movie Alien


Surrogates – Hokey, sort of fun, but doesn’t manage to stir up any solid emotions.

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…


GCEF Report – 012610HEFB – Surrogates



“Surrogates” Travel Rating at a glance:  45%.  When I first encountered the promotional material for this cruise, I wondered to what degree the concept of cyborgs on an Earth-like planet was going to be evolved creatively.  When I finally watched it at my Home Entertainment Frequency Base (HEFB) I was entertained by the concept but wondered why anyone would believe the cyborgs were a better choice than just staying human.  Unfortunately, that is the journey this fleet is asking you to take.


Where will you be traveling to on the Science Fiction/Conspiracy Thriller voyage “Surrgates”?

As most Alien Travelers should already know, there are places in the GCEF sphere of influence that allow, propagate, and sometimes thrive with an active cyborg culture in their midst. 

Earth currently is excelling in many technological areas, but lags behind in the realm of assisted living through mechanical means.  So it is fascinating to observe the Story Engineers stationed on Earth explore places of interest where sentient beings augmented and aided by mechanical constructs (cyborgs) are a reality.  The world of “Surrogates” takes thrill seeking Alien Travelers to a heavily cyborg invested world.  Over the course of fourteen years in the planet’s timeline, a vast majority of the population relies entirely on their cyborg manifestations to define their every waking moment.

On other futuristic planets, cyborgs are limited due to resources, politics and design limitations and typically are best utilized for aiding those with a mobility disadvantage.  Or in some extreme climates, cyborgs are used as brokerages of power – aiding the wicked with phenomenal power and hindering the moral with the same design complexity.

But on this particular planet, one brilliant creator designed a reasonably cost effective cyborg method and one corporation was formed to control the entire population through a roughly defined “addiction” to experiencing the world through a cerebral neural link to their machine bodies – known as surrogates.  This “addiction” seems to be acceptable to most, except the Story Engineers decided to chart a course around the element of loss of self.  The Emotional Paths crossed by the Pilots on duty are introduced to a strong moral vision that creates the thought that it is not right to exist entirely in the realm of reality through the use of a fake façade – no matter how powerful, beautiful or life-like.

There is a highly recognizable Pilot to aide you in your journey to this tech-rich planet.  That Pilot is Bruce Willis and his highly recognizable Human Host.  While he has provided excellent testosterone driven maneuvers in the past and does an admirable job in this excursion – for me and my Human Host, he also provided the most colorful example of why this Earth Movie felt very rocky to endure.

If your travel brochure insists that you are in a world where the majority of the intelligent beings on that planet have lost touch with their sense of self in favor of an entirely fabricated replica of a being – WHY does the collective creative efforts behind this vessel navigate a line at differentiating a human from a cyborg in the form of heavy powder makeup and shining bright lights from the Ship Captain’s Camera Ship? 

I wanted to believe that the surrogate world was so inviting that leaving their comforting metal arms to disconnect and attend to only basic human urges like sleep and spent fuel evacuation was the norm – but the tantalizing offer of running around looking like a morbid powdery cadaver would have sent me directly in to the anti-surrogate resistance camp. It certainly wouldn’t have left me addicted to the experience, no more than my Human Host is no longer addicted to the little black box that allows him to control Video Game Pilots.   Sure my Human Host still enjoys his Xbox from time to time – but no where near the level of obsession that the surrgates are shown to create.

Somewhere along the way, the Alien Traveler in me assumed the world  I was visiting would have grown ups.  Bruce Willis’ co-habitation partner exemplifies the need for their world to stay in dreamland.  Far away from reality, she hosts a strange super-charged taser party while Bruce Willis’ Pilot is supposed to be in the hospital after an exciting action maneuver.  When confronted, she claims to never have tried shocking her surrogate with a hyper-charge for cheap kicks.  When he looks at her and her “perfect” surrogate friends like that kind of defense is not justifiable for spousal negligence she panics and claims peer pressure.  Did she also miss her curfew?

It brought me significantly out of the travel experience to have to witness Bruce Willis maneuvering through his entirely Human scenes as the gruff veteran of such tours of duty like “Die Hard” and “Twelve Monkeys” only to come back to a puffed up mannequin of himself with more makeup base than a clown, an expression inspired by the idea of Botox, and the worst toupee on any distinguished balding Pilot I have ever seen.

There are other problems with this journey as well.  The Story Engineers portrayed a thriller style of travel experience for this journey, which would have suited it fine, even with the awkwardness of the cyborgs – if the essential elements of a great thriller were welded in to place.    They frequently seemed to pass right by the dramatic in favor of the melodramatic.  I didn’t engineer this one, but it felt like they missed expressing the conscious being condition of imperfections in favor of a weak “who’s to blame” scenario.  So many missed opportunities, but judging from the performance of this vessel, this will be the last trip organized to this planet.

Essentially, allowing my Human Host the luxury of connecting to this story from the Home Entertaiment Frequency Base allowed us both time to pause the journey, stand up and stretch, time to enjoy being subconsciously connected to a human body and not a surrogate,  and get our bearings to survive the rest of this journey.  But for other HEFB Alien Travelers and their Human Hosts, the temptation to stop the journey and find something else to do might be too tempting to pass up – considering I can safely report that there is nothing worth waiting around for at the end when the fight to help the world from it’s cyborg “addiction” comes to a conclusion 

Take care and safe travels,

~~Movie Alien

Legion – undisciplined, hastily formed, and lacks a knowledgeable general to lead the charge.

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…

GCEF Report – 012210TPOD – Legion

“Legion” Travel Rating at a glance:  30%.  When a movie is given a title that carries a military cadence to it, you might expect some sort of order, discipline, or at least a semblance of tactics.  Legion only manages to muster up a military title, the rest is chaotically blundered.

Where will you be traveling to on the Survival Horror/Apocalyptic voyage “Legion”?

In Earth culture there is a revered text that a large percentage of the Human population reveres as gospel.  Whether it is or isn’t actual gospel, is not subject to the GCEF protocol, so I typically try not to comment on it out of context.  Spirituality (especially the type with a potent monotheistic base) is a very important topic to many types of alien species; humans included.  But, as Earth Movies came from a fledgling Alien Traveler destination industry over a hundred years ago to the potent industry it has formed today, it was inevitable that the Story Engineers in charge of designing the intricate story vessels seek out the subconscious regions in their Human Hosts that inspire excellent travel destinations.

This led to the GCEF slowly authorizing more travel options to planets in the known galaxies that provided a look in to this very expressive form of faith based travel.  This particular scripture has inspired subconscious travel for years and in a very diverse range since it is a topic of great importance to our Human Hosts.  But early on, the GCEF proceeded with caution, save for brash Ship Captains and noble Fleet Commanders who knew the sensitive territory could be braved with minimal impact to the Human Hosts and their collective planetary psyche. 

And sometimes, exuberant Ship Captains like Mel Gibson and his personally financed voyage to “The Passion of The Christ”, take an extraordinary quantum leap in to the subconscious minds who follow this scripture to fly directly to planets that mirror this powerful force of creation.

In the hundred years of Earth Movie history that followed, a legacy of travel destinations that coincide with the Human Host and their desire to explore their faith through the frequencies provided by the GCEF left all traces of doubt behind.  Of course, the larger Entertainment Cruise Lines, such as FOX and Universal, tend to play it safe with direct contact with the faith of most of this Human Host base.  They do like to let their Fleet Commanders use their resources to travel to regions of space that blur the lines between the Human Host stories from their scripture with some of the more complicated planets that can be reached via the Human Subconscious.  Brian Grazer (an experienced Fleet Commander in his own right) routinely organizes fleets to travel to a Vatican-esque planet with trips like “The DaVinci Code”.

And that brings us to the travel destination known as Legion. 

Sadly, Legion did not have a Fleet Commander as skilled as Brian Grazer.  In fact, the chain of command, in my humble alien opinion, is what sets this travel destination adrift in space before it ever reaches its destination.

The travel concept is sound enough (if not already well traveled in other parts of the galaxy in a myriad of other different story vessels).  In the revered Earth scriptures, there are vivid passages of a force, a deity, a creator – more powerful than human creativity since it begets and created all of human existence, and how this deity allows humanity the expression of free will.  But with a dire warning.  If the message of the scriptures is not properly followed and revered, then a force of destruction is sent to Earth to essentially pull the plug on the human race (and please pardon me if I am paraphrasing the message in the scripture incorrectly – there are many, many interpretations to draw from which can be confusing for a humble alien traveler).  The proverbial cosmic reset button.

So, understandably, when a major Entertainment Cruise Line (in Legion’s case it is Screen Gems which are a subsidiary of Sony) advertises that they are charting a course to a planet or star system that echoes the Human Host metaphysical fear of judgment by an omnipotent entity (only in your Human Host’s subconscious for travel destination purposes, mind you) they often leave the partnering charter companies and their crew to complete their own Story Engines and Emotional Flight Paths to distribute some of the costs.  Large Earth Movie Travel Companies like Screen Gems (and their parent company Sony) do take on the role of distribution and advertisement seriously, which is commendable due to their investment and is intergral to how they get involved – sometimes after the initial course has been set.

But that left the Earth Movie “Legion” feeling like it was in the hands of a nascent charter company.  A charter company that does not fully understand where it is trying to navigate to.   

A charter company can make its own decisions and/or choose to partner with the larger Cruise Lines – while it retains a measure of autonomy in regards to its subconscious destinations.  Often when working with an attending larger Cruise Line, the parent company sets out guidelines and expectations for how their excursions are run, which can confuse the charter company.  But that is not the problem here.  The fundamental problem is the lack of cohesion from the Fleet Commanders who have to coordinate all the points of interest while inspiring their crew to produce monumental work.  That appears to be too much for these Commanders to handle.  Their Legion is left without the proper orders and everything else falls apart as a result.

In Legion’s case we are chartered by a company known as Bold Films and while I was intrigued by the destination promised during my foray in to the Earth Movie’s advertisements, there were standouts portions of the Earth Movie Trailer that left me wary.  My fears about a bumpy flight were realized when I went on my subconscious vacation.  My Human Host (who is not shy of biblical-mutated Story Engines) and I both found this mash-up a cross between a cheap zombie survival planet (which can be quite thrilling), and the story of the supreme deity’s ultimate disappointment in mankind’s misfeasance.  The result is quite disappointing with no real fear to derive a memorable vacation from.  I might mention this travel experience in this report and to a few Human Hosts who understand my habits as an Earth  Movie Traveler, but only to warn them away from taking this journey.

If this truly were the steps leading up to the rapture, I am sure the ultimate force of creation in the universe would have a much better plan than the one the charter company takes us on.  I disembarked my theatre-pod with a bewildered expression of disappointment and my Human Host certainly felt restless – because this movie was one that was poorly conceived on many different levels, starting with the Story Engine it tried to power my Human Host’s subconscious on.

Take care and safe travels.

~~Movie Alien

The Book of Eli had a great story but an ending I wished I hadn’t read!

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…

GCEF Report – 011510TPOD   –   The Book of Eli

“Book of Eli” travel rating at a glance: 65%.  An excellent planet to inhabit for a soul-searching, action-packed escape through a desolate wasteland, provided you don’t mind the soul they “help” you to find at the end.


Where will you be traveling to on the Post-Apocalyptic/Action voyage “Book of Eli”?

Every planet in our galaxy (and most of our neighbors in other galaxies as well) have followed similar paths to global enlightenment which in turn leads to fantastical advances in sciences and technology which in turn leads to untold capabilities for power and destruction which in turn, hopefully (but sadly not always) leads to global redemption.  Most GCEF membership planets and their Alien Species understood at some point in their interconnected societal development that complete destruction was universally not a path worth following but I can guarantee you (without being a licensed xenobiologist) that every planet has in some form or another experienced the likely terror of threat of annihilation.  If this is something that does worry you, then I would advise against traveling to the world in “The Book of Eli”.

The world you travel to in “The Book of Eli” is a world where a barely spoken global catastrophe has wiped out the world.  It is a sometimes popular theme in Earth Movies.  Often when such a theme is constructed by a Story Engineer, the catastrophe is in motion or about to be set in motion, but there is another type of Spacecraft that navigates to this territory.  “The Book of Eli” is set in a world thirty years after the destruction of the planet where the survivors fight for resources and safety amidst the debris of chaos and confusion of the aftermath.

And one being in particular is performing a mission of dire importance – piloted by the experienced traveler Denzel Washington and his Human Host.  This human is known as Eli and he carries a very rare book on a path that only he can see and only he will understand when it ends.  As your Ship Captains – the Hughes Brothers returning to flight duty after a nine year absence – steer your voyage through the excellently conceived wasteland, Eli is drawn towards the path of a human named Carnegie – piloted with expert skill by the veteran Gary Oldman.  Carnegie is a man who is more greed than good, is more power hungry than emotionally-starved, and is more chilling than redeemable and when he encounters Eli and his book he ruthlessly tries to acquire it for himself.  Carnegie knows that the book represents power.

Along the journey, the path you take through the destroyed world is breathtaking and disturbing at the same time.  The Pilots and the Ship Captain fly some very intricate and awesome to watch combat maneuvers with machine guns, machetes and explosiuves in places like dystopian strongholds and decayed farmhouses.  If your Human Host’s subconscious is engaged by Kung-Fu style fight sequences and expert gun battles, this Earth Movie is more than able to assist you with your travel needs.  The pieces of the world you experience are vivid and awe-inspiring in a way that made my Human Host humbled to be in a world that has not tipped in that end-of-the-world direction.

Through the entire flight (for your Human Host it will last just under 2 Earth hours) I was enthralled by the world the Crew took me to, but as the voyage came to a conclusion that was when I experienced some overall trouble with the journey.  The Ship Captains decided to take a course that was felt conceived to be a “sit at the edge of my theatre pod and stare in wonder at how the whole journey was crafted around a single choice that was too clever to for a humble traveler to notice until the very end” type of experience.  And it did not work for me even though my Human Host’s subconscious was genuinely surprised by the dramatic final twist the journey took.

Instead it felt like they directed their formidable pilots (also including a low-key Tom Waits and moderately skilled work from Mila Kunis) to pilot me towards a choice I wasn’t allowed to make on my own – which to me was the antithesis of their Earth Movie Spacecraft – a Spacecraft about the nature of the resurgence of faith to overcome the unknown of the future especially when the time for the planet you visit is at it’s darkest hour.  Something all alien species of a certain age can relate to.  Well, except for the Andromedians and their time travel but those self righteous know-it-alls aren’t telling anyone what the future is like… yet.

Overall, for Human Hosts who do not mind a bumpy landing to their Galactic Flight and for those who enjoy an exciting, action packed ride through a dystopian wasteland then please, by all means, pick up “The Book of Eli”.  It was worth the read for me.  I just wish someone had let me turn on my own overhead (en)light(ment) at the end instead of the Captains switching it on for me.

Take care and safe travel,

~~Movie Alien

The Hurt Locker had me locked in the whole time!

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…

GCEF Report – 011210DVD – The Hurt Locker

“The Hurt Locker” travel rating at a glance” 95%.  Efficient, dangerous and visceral Earth Movie Travel!


Where will you be traveling to on the War Thriller/Dramatic voyage “The Hurt Locker”?

The world explored in The Hurt Locker is not for the faint of heart.  Please be advised, if you are the type of traveler who prefers safe navigation to your destination – this might not be the travel experience for you.

If you prefer a heart (or in some alien species’ cases – hearts) pounding thrill ride then The Hurt Locker is one of the better Earth Movie travel adventures I have experienced in a while.  The Hurt Locker travel experience will take you to a planet in the crisis of war – something almost all alien species can relate to.  Since you will be using a Human Host to facilitate your travel, be forewarned that the images depicted in this particular Earth Movie are still relevant to current conflict on their little blue planet.  While most Human Hosts should be okay with this while comfortably sedated in their home theatre environment (a theatre pod is still preferred if one is available in your quadrant), the fractured nerves and intense drama is played for realism which in turn enhances the danger experienced by the traveler.

The planet you will be visiting is a world where war is fought by many types of soldiers and the soldiers you will be personally visiting are the ones who have the complex task of handling explosive ordinances.  While they are not expected to handle such intricate devices such as Neutron Particle Exploders, they are given the task of dismantling explosives in a war ravaged city, which prove to be equally lethal.  The threat is very real and as a result the soldiers you are traveling to see are vividly portrayed as Human Males of intensity, bravado, fear, and most frighteningly of all – adrenaline junkies who get their fix by adding unnecessary danger to fuel their biochemical impulses.

Younger Hosts should not be subjected to experiencing this Earth Movie since the dramatic realism portrayed will confuse the younger minds causing travel disruptions for the Alien Traveler.

Who Will You Be Traveling With?

The Hurt Locker is piloted by the wonderfully sentient Captain Kathryn Bigelow who has experience with traveling to war-torn destinations.  Her Story Engineer, Mark Boal, was stationed in the war zone that your Human Host will relate to.   Which understandably, is why this movie seems to surpasses others with its realism and intensity – actual front line experience.  My Human Host has personally never experienced a war but his subconcious felt assured that it was real during galactic ride through this Earth Movie experience.

The familiar Pilots who appear in this movie all play brilliant and short cameos.  The rest of the Pilots (all male except for one female whose course is flown around the home of one of the soldiers) were relatively unknown to me but all measurably skilled in their emotional flight paths.  I will definitely keep all involved on my radar for future travel destinations and I wish more people would take the thrill ride.  My only regret is that my Human Host did not feel compelled enough to see this Earth Movie experience in his local theatre pod even with all the compelling buzz surrounding it – something that, with my active duty reporting for the GCEF should and will change in the future for other great travel experiences.

Take care and safe travels,

~~Movie Alien

Daybreakers ruined my night. :(

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…

GCEF Report – 010810A – Daybreakers

“Daybreaker” Travel rating at a glance: 25%  In all fairness, my Human Host was experiencing abnormal stress due to construction issues around his work environment.  It may have affected my initial travel rating – but I still believe it was a fairly bumpy ride.

Where will you be traveling to on the Vampire/Sci-Fi voyage “Daybreakers”?

Sigh.  Double sigh.

Yes, my fellow traveller’s this one is that bad.  At least for me and my human host.  As I have expressed in previous blogs, I fully understand the Earth Movie travel experience is a highly subjective and individually personal one but there are some elements of all vessels that relate to both Human Host and their Travellers.  I found Daybreakers lacking in multiple essential areas and that drew the Human Host significantly out of the experience.  So much that I witnessed my Human Host gasping, groaning, shifting, fidgeting and as the end credits begans to roll – outright booing.

Let me introduce some fundamental elements of Earth Movies that all Travellers should be aware of.  I will also provide the Human Host equivalent for clarification (for any humans that find their way to this blog).

The first step in designing a new ship to travel light years around the multiverse you need a Story Engineer.  (note: I referenced this position as Story Mechanic in previous posts.  I was still waking up from an extended hyper-sleep, so pardon the correction).  The Story Engineer is the Screenwriter.  As Alien Travellers using Earth Movie vessels to travel unimaginable distances across time and space and space-time it is quite essential to recieve as direct and cohesive an experience as possible.  To use an appropriate Earth metaphor – imagine an airplane. 

Inside an airplane, you desire to feel safe and comfortable.  The experience itself in the airplane can be of any nature, but the structure itself – that needs to be sound.  If there are holes in the plane on Earth, your chances of survival greatly diminish.

Well how do you think an Alien Traveller feels in a very poorly engineered vessel like Daybreakers which is so full of holes it makes the entire experience feel like being in thunderstorm turbulence during a hurricane right after passing through a tornado.  My Human Host was barely contained and I could sense the strong desire to terminate the experience – which would have been extremely detrimental to my safety.

Using the same analogy, your vessel requires a Pilot.  In Earth Movie terms this would be your Director.  Same dilemma.  If your Pilot can not handle the turbulence of a violent and shaky vessel then you are going to suffer.  And again, the Daybreakers’ Ship Pilot made my Human Host want to immediately search for the nearest parachute and execute an immediate departure from the vessel.

After the Pilot and Engineer comes the Navigator.  (note: I referenced Actors as Navigators in a previous post.  That was incorrect.  The correct Earth Movie term for a Navigator is the Editor.  Apologies.)  The Navigator is guided by the visual voice of the Pilot and the structure and design of the Engineer – and often when either of the first two have epic failures, the Navigator can come to the rescue.  This time, sadly the Navigator of Daybreakers was content to let the Pilot’s direction and the Engineer’s design spiral into a free-fall plummet.  But really, given the material he had to work with, he didn’t have much of a choice – there was a lot missing from the other elements to make the Navigator able to save this sinking ship.

There is also the Flight Crew ~ your Actors.  And if all else fails, there is always hope for at least one member of the Flight Crew to come along and entertain you while you are waiting for the Human Host to wake up and your Traveller’s journey to end.  Sadly, even talented, experienced Flight Crew members such as Willem Dafoe can do nothing for this sinking ship.

As a seasoned Earth Movie Traveller, especially one for whom this type of travel experience is desgined for, I can not in good conscious recommend this movie.  There are better Story Engineers.  There are better Ship Pilots.  There are better Flight Navigators.  And there are much better Flight Crews available at your local Docking Station (theatre) this weekend.  Any Traveller’s looking to reward patient your Human Host with an entertaining Earth Movie while you travel to your Intergalactic destination, please seek elsewhere besides Daybreakers.

Unless of course, it speaks to the Traveller inside of you.  Then by all means, don’t say I didn’t warn you when the ride gets bumpy and you wake up in the Crab Nebula with a serious crink in your neck.

Take care and safe travel,

~~Movie Alien

Make my first post a huge side of AVATAR REVIEW

If this is your first time observing travel advisories from Movie Alien, please visit the about section to learn why the GCEF (Galactic Committee for Entertainment Frequencies) has requested that Movie Alien be stationed on Earth.  For any Human Host confused by the nature of Movie Alien’s reports; don’t panic – it’s all in jest…

GCEF Report – 122609TPOD – Avatar

((NOTE: This report was done out without GCEF standards in mind.  Movie Alien has since begun his official reports, following this initial rating.  Movie Alien accidentally let his Human Host particiapte in the reporting.  As such, it is meant for archival interest only.))


I have a two point rating system based on Netflix (out of 5 stars) and IMDB (out of 1o stars).  I’ve been making my movie mark on both sites for a while now, so I decided to start using a combined score to reflect how I feel about a film.  The 5 star rating is my general overall impression of the film.  The 10 star rating is after I have digested it and had time to ponder what I saw.

Let me start with AVATAR. First impression after I watched it – 5 stars without a doubt.  And after I had time to dwell on what I had seen and thought about it, I gave it a 10 stars on IMBD.

Now, let me break it down a bit further.

Why 5 out of 5?

Simple.  This movie is ASTOUNDING to watch for any sentient being who enjoys being entertained.  I saw it in digital 3d on IMAX, the best viewing experience for this film by far, and my jaw hit the floor.  I was always caught up in the beauty of the world and how no matter what was going on, the world was the centerpiece of everything around it.  And that simply put, is the part of the film that is creating the most buzz – both positive and negative.  Avatar is a story about a complex world and how we ulitmately fit into the world and how we interact with it – all to be able to create our own world of experiences and destinies from the inspiration of the larger host.

Why 10 out of 10?

I know there are sticking points for some humans, story-wise.  The echo of “Dances With Wolves” reverberated on my cerebral cortex when I researched the digital communication about this film.  It appears some humans were offended by the story because the individual characters felt flat and didn’t like that the goal was to express a whole world in a contained 3 hour experience, and not the path of some specific archetype seeking some specific redemption that movies goers have grown to expect.

Well guess what?  If your goal, whether subconcious or fully awake and realized, was to give a rich, movie going experience based around the concept of a world as the “film industry-overused word” Protagonist of the film – you might come away with a different experience all together.  And this is what I believe is polarizing this film.

I’m like anyone else who sees a good film.  I love to go out and chat it up with humans.  I want to hear who likes it and why.  I want to hear who hated it and why.  I want to talk to humans who haven’t seen it and what is their decision about the film.  Do they want to see it?  Do they want to avoid it?  Do they want to catch it on DVD?  And what is influencing their decision.

Avatar seemed to me to be a tough sell from the trailers.  They do not cover the grandeur of the film.  I had a knee-jerk reaction when I saw it ages ago.  “Argh!  CGI Smurfs.  That looks terrible!”  But I let my savoir-faire movie instincts kick in and I told myself to just roll with it and enjoy it – there can’t be that much similarity between Gargamel and the evil humans invading the nicely drawn, jungle world.  I am glad I did.  There is no other way to see it than to sit in the theatre, preferably with cheap plastic glasses tatooed to the racoon eye region of your face.

When you strap yourself in for a near 3 hour ride through the movie’s own time-space (movies: earth’s very own time machines), humans want to be engaged in what they are experiencing.  I can understand the lament of those who didn’t like it.  There is nothing all that overally interesting about any particular character.  They could have fit just as easily into a children’s book.  The Dark Knight, to compare, was full of sociapathic tics, both good and bad, that kept the audience guessing what the characters were going to do next – so it felt fresh and evil and redemptively good all in one roll of the dice.

In Avatar, you see the human and alien actions and reactions all coming from a mile away, and that bothers some types of viewers – and I get that.  I truly do.  But to walk away from this movie with nothing short of jaw-struck wonderment is to forget that we are all kids when we compare ourselves to the intricate design of a fully realized world that also acts on its own to compel, inspire, devote, and to create faith in whatever transpires throughout it’s entire gravitation pull of influence.  Did you know gravity is the one force that transcends time as well?  Ever wonder who or what is pulling those puppet strings?  Movie aliens certainly wonder what compels gravity to work its magic.

You have micro-organisms all over your body.  Do you ever stop to think about what they are up to?  Not really but you can feel their effects when they are attacking in force. But there are webs of communication and at the very least – interconnected evolutional processes – that go on completely without your knowledge.  Ever get taken out by the flu?  What kind of flu would it take to attack a whole world?

The deeper message I got from the film was that in the grand sense of “story”, which are epochs of time’s march, which is an even bigger reflection of the grandeur of the time-space chortle that we all attach our egos to; this was a monumental movie about what would happen if a world (any world) would be a character and we were all (aliens and humans alike) just part of the larger system.  The world wants to be healthy just as much as we want to make it healthy.  Or if we are the virus, as much as we want to act in selfish manners to further our own needs even at the cost at the loss of the larger system.

It is a message movie, sure.  Go ahead and complain about that one.

But it was a message I fully wanted to recieve and carry with me.  I’m part of something bigger.  A filmmaker, no matter how fiercly independent he claims to be  **cough, cough Quentin cough** is still connected to the larger forward motion that creates the need for film.

Avatar’s story: it is in your ability to understand you are part of a larger world, and it is your individual responsibitly to be a part of it to save it – or it could be destroyed.

So what if that type of story has been done before.  I can guarantee that it never looked like this before.

Terrific film from a terrific director who is human.  So he has flaws.  But to take the elementary step of creating a film protaganist that is singularily bigger than all of us but lovingly inlcudes everything within down to the minute detail of it’s interconnected beauty is the same for me as stepping out my front door and having the luxury to always be amazed every single day at how wonderfully connected and beautiful earth really is.  And I’m just visiting from another planet to review movies!

Avatar is a movie about connecting to a bigger purpose.  The ego is born after your physical form connects to its spirit – on any planet.  The aliens in the film are aware of that and are taught that as part of their culture so they lead simple lives.  The humans are powered by their egos.  The world created in Avatar is a deep reflection of that, imho, and it can do no more than the human body can when we recieve a ravenous flu.  The flu to the larger system resembles a force that can be stopped.  We find an appropriate medicine, vaccinate the idealistic actions of the flu and fight it for all we are worth.  If you miss the bigger world at work that is worth saving in this film, then hopefully one day soon you can wake up to the interconnected nature of everything that has come into being.  It is worth it to feel part of something bigger and that is what drives the material of faith – human and alien.  That we can share with any essence that uses tools of creation to create its own world while protecting a bigger world around us that we all share, is truly beautiful.

I fight for Avatar and my fight is to get people excited to see it.

One further thought, in 10 years when all CGI effects and 3D movies look this good, humans will look back and be proud of what the Avatar team of filmmakers brought to the world under the watchful eye of the human Futurist Captain calmly guiding the ship.

Take care and safe travels.

~~Movie Alien